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    Big news for all the gastronomic travelers! Spain is not only sun and beaches, it is also great food and great cultural offers. This year Spain ranked first among European countries for gastronomic tourism. The Mediterranean diet of the northern coast of Spain combined with the elements of traditional Moorish cuisine in the South, you will find is a big variety of delicious dishes. Spain is also known as one of the largest producers of best wine, olives, and charcuterie.

    Tapas and Pintxos
    There’s hardly something more typical and well-known around the world as Spanish traditional appetizers. The art of preparing and eating Spanish tapas has become one of the reasons that have brought gastronomic tourism to Spain. Pintxos (small canapés) are not as internationally famous as the tapas, however in the Basque country and some other regions of Northern Spain you’ll probably have to ask for pintxos instead of tapas. They are usually accompanied by Txacoli, traditional Basque white wine, or natural Basque apple cider.

    Tapas is a collective name for any kind of appetizers and snacks you can be served in bars and restaurants. There is a number of typical tapas you will find in any place you visit, so here is a quick overview:

    Top Spanish Tapas Recipes to Try at Home
    1. Jamón, Queso y Chorizo – (Ham, cheese, and chorizo on bread)
    2. Tortilla Española – (Spanish omelet with eggs, potatoes, and onions)
    3. Patatas Bravas – (Potatoes with spicy brava sauce)
    4. Patatas Alioli – (Potatoes with aioli sauce)
    5. Gambas al Ajillo – (Shrimp in garlic)
    6. Calamares Fritos – (Calamares a la Romana – Fried squid)
    7. Aceitunas a la Madrileña – (Olives a la madrilène)
    8. Croquetas de Jamón – (Ham croquettes)

    Paella is the typical and well-known rice dish from Spain and it originated in the region called Valencia. Today paella is made in every region of Spain, using just about any kind of ingredient that goes well with rice. There are as many versions of paella as there are cooks. It may contain chicken, pork, shellfish, fish, eel, squid, beans, peas, artichokes or peppers. Paella is also an ideal outdoor dish for entertaining. It’s fun to cook, and it is a fun dish to serve and consume. A special type of Paella is the Paella with black rice. If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to order it next time you are in a restaurant.

    Tortilla de Patatas is another one of the best-known Spanish dishes. It is simply sliced potatoes and chopped onions fried in olive oil, then mixed with beaten egg and cooked to form a solid omelet. Now, it is simply known as tortilla Espanola or the Spanish omelet. Also, the tortilla Espanola is eaten everywhere in Spain as a tapa, and as the main course at Spanish dinner tables, there are many varieties of tortilla, eaten in all sorts of ways.

  • FITUR Madrid 2018

    The Tourism Fair of Madrid is coming soon. FITUR is the global meeting point for all professionals of the tourist sector. The fair is held every year in IFEMA (Feria de Madrid). In the 2015 edition, more than 9,000 companies participated in this big event as FITUR serves as a privileged scenario for the global tourism industry and is a great business tool to promote business contacts and reach agreements. It is also a place where the general public can find a number of interesting offers, find the perfect destination for the next holidays, or simply enjoy the various surprises that exhibitors often prepare for the visitors.

    FITUR also indicates the development of the tourism sector. In 2017 the trade fair saw a 9% increase in international attendance! The fair is also considered the most important gateway to the Latin American market. The Feria de Madrid is located strategically and in the immediate vicinity of the international airport. The exhibition center is easy to reach with public transport. The schedule of business to business forums, which in 2017 hosted 6800 business meetings, will again confirm this event as an indispensable tool in dynamising the global tourist market.

    If you are planning to visit the FITUR, we suggest you plan your trip as early as possible and of course we at Madrid Vibes can help you with all the aspects of your trip. Including hotel booking, an organization of corporate events, transfer service, dinners and gala dinners. Just send us your request at and let us take care of you.

    FITUR will be open for 5 days from January 17th until January 21st, 2018 in Madrid, Spain. Over 220,000 visitors are expected, along with 9500 exhibitors from 139 different countries! Important: The Exhibition is only open to the public on certain days and if you register early enough, the entrance tickets will be more accessible.

  • Madrid Christmas markets

    December has just begun and we can already feel the Christmas spirit in the air! If you are traveling for the holidays, be sure to add Madrid to your must-visit places. Spending time abroad is in itself a magical experience, and more so on Christmas. Make sure not to miss out on any of the unique and special events going on around Madrid for the month of December.

    Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the markets! The people in Madrid love to be out all year long and especially during the holiday season. That’s why, for the month of December you will notice several plaza’s, street corners and churches transforming into adorable little Christmas markets. Madrid puts on a great show at Christmas time, with sparkly lights hung across every street, Christmas trees and busy festive markets. We picked 5 Christmas markets to explore if you’re in the Spanish capital this month of December. Christmas trees will stand tall in Puerta del Sol, Plaza San Juan de la Cruz and Plaza España, Red de San Luis (Gran Vía-Montera), Calle Fuencarral, Plaza de Callao and Plaza de Colón (Calle Génova).

    Christmas Market Plaza Mayor
    From 1th of December – 31 December
    Monday to Thursday, from 10 to 22h
    Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 to 23h
    Location: Plaza Mayor (Madrid)

    Christmas Market La Latina
    From 29 of November – 7 of January
    Monday to Sunday from 10 to 23h
    Location: Intercambiador de Aluche – Avenida de Los Poblados, s/n (Madrid)

    Christmas Market Plaza de Moncloa
    From 1th of December – 6 of January
    Monday to Sunday from 10 to 14:30 and 17 to 22:30
    Location: Plaza de Moncloa (Madrid)

    Christmas Market Callao
    From 1th of December – 6 of January
    Monday to Sunday from 10 to 22h
    Location: Plaza de Callao (Madrid)

    Christmas Market Plaza de la Remonta
    From 5 of December – 6 of January
    Monday to Sunday from 12 to 22h

  • International business events in Madrid

    Madrid is the capital of Spain, and it has a lot of tourits visiting throughout the year. But besides being a great cultural city to visit and explore, Madrid is also a perfect destination for international business events. Madrid is the third city in the world for conference tourism and provides a great infrastructure with over 200 direct flights, which connect Madrid to more than 70 contries. The city offers many different venues for events and meetings and also activities for team-building and sightseeing as well – here at Madrid Vibes we have experience with booking venues and arranging activities regadring business trips, and if you contact us, we can arrange activities just after your wish. 

    Watch this video to get a better idea of all the oppertunities there is if you choose to arrange an international business event in Madrid!

  • Poble Espanyol

    Poble Espanyol

    The Spanish town or, Pueblo Español, located on the Montjuich hill, was first built for the World Exhibition in 1929. Used as an open-air museum with specific architecture from the different Spanish
    regions with contemporary art and handicraft shops became an enjoyable place for everybody, both the locals and the people visiting. This little town really is alive due to many events that are organised during the whole year. Weddings, concerts, festivals and workshops are only a few examples of the endless list. This unique combination of characterised houses and a great atmosphere makes it a place to absolutely visit during your stay in Madrid. This unique location is also ideal for our cooking workshops. Right next to the main square we’ve got a beautiful place where you will be accompanied by well-experienced chefs, a pleasant atmosphere and delicious ingredients to create a tasteful paella or tapas dish. A truly must do if you want to experience the real Catalan culinary art!

  • Las Canaletas

    Las Canaletas

    In the beginning of La Rambla you can find this tiny, non-remarkable fountain which is named ‘la Fuente de Canaletas’. At first sight, most people just walk by without knowing the value of this place. But how can we blame you if nobody tells it? After this little explanation you’ll definitely need to have a look next time you pass by. As you all probably know, football is highly important in Madrid, and so is the celebration after. But what has this fountain to do with the football history of Madrid? Well this Canaletas Fountain is used as the meeting place for the celebration of victories of FC Madrid. Every time when Madrid wins, the Ramblas is entirely filled with people celebrating the victory all night long with beers, flags and a lot of noise. It truly is an incredible spectacle that you can’t miss! But keep this in mind: you won’t be home before next morning!

  • Sant Joan

    Image Source

    What is Sant Joan?

    Sant Joan Festival is one of the most important celebrations of the year in Madrid. It’s celebrated on the 23th of June, which is the longest day of the year. On the night of Sant Joan the sun reaches its highest point, before beginning to drop. The sun is considered to be the symbol of fertility and wealth, and therefore it must be given strength, which is provided by bonfires and fireworks. The next day, 24th of June is the actual day of the feast, and it’s a public bank holiday, and most of the stores and restaurants are closed.

    What happens during Sant Joan?

    In Catalan the night is described as “ Nit del Foc “, which means “the Night of Fire”. The city is filled with little temporary shops that are selling fireworks for the festival, and the bakeries are full of the traditional dish of Sant Joan, called Coque, which is a kind of a bread that can be found sweet and savoury. The locals usually organize their own parties with their friends and family, but if you don’t have a party to join to, the most common place for people to celebrate it, is the beach. During the evening and night people gathers around the beach, where there are firework displays, dancers and musicians. A lot of people continue partying until the sunrise.

    The feast of Sant Joan is one the most exciting time of the year to visit Madrid, you can feel the people’s eagerness towards the start of the summer. The night of Sant Joan is magnificent and filled with excitement and people, both young and old, making the most of the feast! Don’t miss this while in Madrid and head to the streets with your friends!

  • Romantic things to do in Madrid

    Romantic things to do in Madrid

    Are you traveling to Madrid with your loved one? Maybe you would like to surprise her / him with a romantic day filled with love, delicious food, and amazing spots of the magical city! Below we listed some of our favorite romantic things to do and see!


    What could be a better way to spend a day with your loved one than taking a biking tour together and seeing the amazing city from a whole new perspective. By biking you will be able to see more places and interact with the city in a much more authentic way.

    Image Source

    Wander around Parc de Ciutadella

    Don’t miss the beautiful park of Ciutadella, you can have a little picnic with strawberries and champagne there. Go and enjoy the gorgeous architecture and relaxed atmosphere of the park!

    Image Source

    Enjoying the beach

    The city is known for it’s beautiful beaches so why not enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. You can either just relax and take a siesta, or do some beach activities such as stand up paddling or beach volleyball, the beaches offer a wide variety of different kind of activities for each and everyone’s taste.

    Image Source

    Watch the sunset

    Bunker del Carmel is the best viewpoint in Madrid, it offers a 360 view over the city! It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the incredible sunset! Bring some drinks and snacks with you and have a perfectly romantic evening with your loved one.

    Image Source

    Drinks on a rooftop

    Barcelo Raval Hotel has a magnificent rooftop with unbeatable views over the city, the rooftop offers a 360 view, you can enjoy one drink while looking to the sea and one looking at the mountains! On top of the amazing views, the rooftop bar makes the most exclusive cocktails.

    Image by Madrid Vibes

    See the Magic Fountains of Montjuic

    The Magic fountain is an incredible collection of waterfalls and ponds on Avinguda Maria Cristina. During the summer time from Thursday to Sunday at 21:00 to 23:30, there is a series of fountain shows with beautiful music and lights. This is something that can’t be missed!

    Image by Madrid Vibes

    Stroll around the old town

    Gotico and Born are the most romantic parts of the city, they are filled with adorable cafes and bars. Wander around the cutest narrow streets and find some of the most unique buildings and charming plazas!

    Image Source

    Dine in a nice restaurant

    For dinner we highly recommend a restaurant called El Pla Carrer de Bellafila 5. This restaurant is known for its romantic and cozy atmosphere with an amazingly welcoming staff that will make your dining experience exquisite. This restaurant is specialized in mediterranean dishes and each dish is displayed in a very beautiful way. Check their menu here.

    Contact us for more information and start planning your romantic getaway today!

  • Why do we love Madrid?

    We asked people who live in Madrid: “Why do they love Madrid so much, what makes it such a special city and what are the best things about living here!” Above we have listed all of the reasons!

    Image Source

    ” An international city but staying near its roots! ”
    ” Madrid has an artsy and chilled atmosphere that everybody loves! ”
    “ Everyday you see something new, you experience something new and you meet someone new! “
    “ The combination of city and seaside! “
    “ It has beaches, snow, culture, lively night life, design, and life for all typed of people! “
    “ Madrid offers something for everyone! “
    “ Eating out is rather cheap! “
    “ Easy to fly here and from here to everywhere! “
    “ Pleasant and easy to move from one place to another within the city. “
    “ It’s never boring! “
    “ There is always something going on! ”
    “ Breathtakingly beautiful architecture! “
    “ The city isn’t too massive! “
    “ The weather is amazing! “
    “ The local beer, Moritz is great! “
    “ Madrid is a meeting point for people with completely different backgrounds! “
    “ Madrid has an open-minded and tolerant atmosphere! “

    The list could go on and on, there are so many reasons why this city is simply one of the best cities in the world. After all, Madrid has been ranked as the best beach city in the world, according to National Geographic.

  • Useful Spanish Phrases

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    Is your next stop Madrid? Maybe you want to impress the locals by speaking their language? Below we have listed the most important phrases in Spanish and we have also listed same phrases in Catalan, you can find them here!

    Hello! — Hola!

    Good morning! — ¡Buenos días!

    Good afternoon! — ¡Buenas tardes!

    Good evening! — ¡Buenas noches!

    Good bye! — ¡Adíos!

    How are you? — ¿Cómo estás?

    I’m fine thank you. — Bien gracias, ¿y tú?

    What is your name? — ¿Cómo te llamas?

    My name is… — Me llamo…

    Where are you from? — ¿De dónde eres?

    I’m from… — Soy de…

    Pleased to meet you. — Encantado (masculine) / Encantada (Feminine)

    Bon appetit! — ¡Buen provecho!

    I don’t understand. — No entiendo.

    Excuse me! — ¡Discúlpe!

    How much is this? — ¿Cuánto cuesta?

    Sorry! — ¡Perdón!

    Thank you! — ¡Gracias!

    You are welcome! — ¡De nada!

    Where’s the toilet? — ¿Dónde está el bano?

    Help! — ¡Ayúdame!

    I love you! — ¡Te quiero!

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